Press Release: Scurry!

Scurry through Scotland’s underbrush with this truly wild storytelling game

The latest TTRPG from Dungeons on a Dime Press debuts this July

EDINGBURGH, June 10/06/2021—Grab your dice, friends and imaginations for your next great adventure from Dungeons on a Dime—Scotland’s up-and-coming TTRPG publishing imprint. Play as beasts going on a fast-paced scurry, trying to complete your mission before succumbing to exhaustion, dangers, or Something Awful.

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign during February’s Zine Quest 3, the keenly expected zine will begin fulfilment in June, followed by general distribution in July.

Packed with vivid illustrations and immersive art, this zine is a welcoming jumping in point for anyone who is new to roleplaying games, or looking for something to shake up their table in between sessions of bigger systems like Dungeons & Dragons.

“I’m blown away by the sheer size and quality of Scurry. It’s the best work I’ve had the pleasure of curating yet, and it highlights some of Scotland’s most exciting fantasy visual storytellers. You’re in for a real treat with this game!”

Download the Full Press Pack Here