Social Media Internship - November 2021


  • You’ll be working to promote upcoming books and crowd-funding campaigns from Dungeons on a Dime. 
  • 5 hours a week for the month of November 2021. 
  • Total work 20 hours. Paying £25/hour, for £500 total.
  • Opportunities to see behind the scenes of digital publishing 
  • Fully remote

Who are we?

Dungeons on a Dime (DOAD) is an indie publishing imprint creating games that help new players enter the hobby. We’re a believer in the social good that can come from roleplaying and have specifically platforming entry-level creatives since our founding in 2018. We’ve been nominated for awards, and our catalogue of titles are available all over the world.

What are we looking for?

  • Disabled, Marginalised and Queer voices. Marginalised peoples in the UK still face discrimination in the workplace. DOAD was founded by queer and disabled creators as a way to create our own work, rather than waste energy defending our existence in the pursuit of it.
  • Fans of Roleplaying Games. Telling stories is one of the oldest pastimes in human history. We want to work with people as excited about these games as we are.
  • Upcoming talent in Scotland. Scotland is flush with fresh young talent who are often side-lined in favour of professionals with decades of experience. 
  • What should you be looking for?

    This is an opportunity aimed at anyone looking to use media skills in their desired industry. You should be applying for this internship if you are trying to get more industry experience and are looking for that first opportunity that can open doors for you. 

    This internship is somewhere to put new skills to the test. The difference between an amateur and a professional can often fall down to budget and time; here, we hope to give you both.


    • Schedule posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, using
    • Responding to social media inquiries, and engaging with communities as Dungeons on a Dime.
    • Answering questions and messages on Kickstarter.
    • Creating paid advertisement campaigns for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google Adverts.
    • Make use of accessibility tools where possible (such as adding ALT text to images).
    • Use analytic tools to assess the success of campaigns, use those stats to improve your approach as the month progresses, and assemble them into a report at the end of your internship.
    • Check-in weekly with the director, Brian, working together to circumvent problems and take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise.


    • Flexibility to work from wherever you like
    • Access to the Adobe CC Suite
    • Post-internship support, references for future work, and a new contact in the TTRPG industry


    • Must be able to invoice for freelance work, be 18+ and residing in Scotland, and have the right to work in the UK.
    • Familiarity with social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • This is an entirely remote role, and you must have the ability to access the internet, Google services and all social media platforms through a phone or a computer. 
    • You will be keeping in contact via Google Meet and Discord. Work hours will be semi-flexible, but there may be deadlines you need to meet at short notice.

    To Apply:

    Complete the Google Forms application at the following link:

    The final deadline for applications will be 12 pm on October 8th, 2021. Applications will not be accepted after this time.

    Successful candidates will be notified by the 15th of October, with short 15 minute interviews scheduled when convenient for the following week (20th-24th of October).

    Any changes to these dates will be published on DOAD’s Twitter, @DungeonsOnADime.