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Scurry - Digital

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Digital Edition of Scurry - All files included with Physical Purchase

Embark on a swift and exciting scurry through Scotland’s verdant underbrush like you’ve never been able to before—as beasts!

Players race against the clock, face conflicts and resolve them with imaginative solutions while trying to complete their goal before succumbing to exhaustion!

Each scurry should take 1 to 2 hours to play, with the story ramping up towards an exciting finish.

Suitable for ages 13+, or younger with a guide. A set of polyhedral dice are used to play.

What's Inside?

  • Simple rules that are perfect for players new to TTRPGs
  • Bite-size introduction to the world of Beast Fables
  • 3 part campaign; In the Wake of Titans
  • Fast-paced games with thrilling conclusions