Blood in the Water (Print)

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This is the 2nd edition of Blood in the Water, limited to 150 copies.

Dive into a tale of miscommunication, animosity and vengeance in the the third issue of Dungeons on a Dime. Featuring a breakdown of Legendary Creatures, two exciting encounters, and the resources to bring any village to life, Blood in the Water promises to give you the tools you need for your next great game.

Inside this physical issue, you will find:

  • The 56 page risoprinted book of Blood in the Water, with over 19,000 words of original content and 60 unique illustrations.
  • Printable maps for two encounters, a customiseable inn and a dangerous riverbank
  • A host of new paper miniatures for this adventure, including monsters, thieves in disguise and villagers.
  • Tips and tricks useful for new and experienced game masters alike