Dice with the Devil

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Explore a brand new setting-neutral system, capable of running any story from High-Fantasy to Spaghetti Western to Neon Anti-Capitalist Future.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can change their fate, and those who cannot. Dice with the Devil tells the tales of Dicers, people who have the agency to change their fate by betting against the odds. Dicers are defined by their Skills, which they use to overcome Challenges, Conflicts and Obstacles, including facing conniving Imps who will try to thwart their plans. Along their journey, a dicer can acquire new skills and Trinkets to tip the scales of fate in their favour.

Dicers are driven by their courage, represented by Bravado points. Bravado is lost by failing challenges, conflicts and obstacles. When a dicer’s Bravado drops to zero, they gain an Injury, represented by losing access to a chosen skill. Suffering too many injuries will squash their courage, and they will Fade into the Background of the story.

  • Short and Easy to Understand. Only 2,500 words and eight pages In length, Dice with the Devil is ideal for new role players.
  • Risoprinted at Out of their Blueprint, with soy based non-toxic ink on recycled 140gsm paper.
  • Signed by the illustrator and writer, and a numbered edition of 150 in this first printing.
  • 0.3v Playtest Rules. Feedback welcome!