In the Red (Digital)

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Explore the theft of a ruby and the tangled mess a single gem can cause across a whole city with your players in the first issue of Dungeons on a Dime. Delve into a 40 pages of lushly illustrated scenarios, fully developed characters and diverse city-based resources. Now including brand new spells and a wizard archetype - the School of Mnemonics!

Inside this digital issue, you will find:

  • The 40 page PDF of In the Red, with over 14,000 words of original content and 40 unique illustrations.
  • Printable map for a city street combat with multiple options on how to run the figh, such as an ambush or a head on encounter.
  • A host of new paper miniatures for this adventure, including a gang of thugs, a wizard in a bath robe and his albino magpie familiar.
  • Tips and tricks useful for new and experienced game masters alike