Dungeons on a Dime (DOAD) was founded in December of 2018 as an answer to many different needs in the tabletop roleplaying community. Over the past three years, we've worked with over 20 artists, published 10 zines, and paid fair union rates to everyone we've worked with. We've supported local businesses, gone to conventions, and grown a helluva lot.

Brian Tyrrell

With over 15 years of roleplaying experience under his belt, Brian is the founder of Dungeons on a Dime. He's also the writer, graphic designer, project manager, secretary, accountant, live-stage game master, stall holder and sometimes illustrator of the magazine too (it's a one-man-band sort of scenario).
As a gay man with a full diagnosis of autism, storytelling games were the tool that allowed him to develop his social skills, as well as his identity, in a safe space. Throughout his many years of being a game master he has never not had a new player at his table, and takes a special joy from introducing anyone and everyone to the hobby.

DOAD's Artists

Fraser Robertson | He/Him | @_LostAstronaut

Illustrator and barista by day, Rogue/Monk multiclass by night, Fraser is one of our recurring illustrators. With a year or so of roleplay experience he brings a fresh perspective to the hobby. His work is inspired by the character and world building that forms the backbone of his favourite fantasy and sci-fi works. Just breaking into the games industry, he’s one to watch.


Ida Jensen | She/Her | @IdaJensen_Illustration

Known for her striking mastery of shade and tone, Ida Jensen is a devil with the pencil. Her work predominantly features both the fairy tales and the monstrous creatures from her home country of Norway, and her traditional aesthetic is inspired by the original works of Tolkien and native Viking sagas.
Maxence Deschamps | He/Him | @_max_tn_
Max is an illustrator with a fascination of telling stories through backgrounds. He has has a great sense of balance when illustrating the ephemeral clutter of daily life, even if it is the life of extraordinary characters and creatures.
Jos Hawkins | He/Him | Patreon.com/chroniclescomic
Aka. Blackfeather- they are an Illustrator of rocks, trees, the occult and, sometimes, occult trees (but never occult rocks, I wont stand for that nonsense). I love telling dark fantasy stories and have played too many paladins for it to be healthy…
Jessica Radley | She/Her | @JL_Rad
A graduate from the world renowned Children's Book Illustration MA at the Cambridge School of Art, Jess has a diverse portfolio of illustrations both fantastical and observational. She has a talent for capturing emotion and spirit in her work. Now working in publishing, Jess is a multi-talented creative.
Atlanta Pritchard-Barrett | She/Her | @AlpacaScribbles
Atlanta has a love in her life for colour and brightness and happiness, something she has always wanted to share with people. Her aspirations of working as a freelance artists or a character designer are complimented by her impressive digital portfolio.
VER | They/Them | @VerFace
Ver is a multi-talented powerhouse, producing multiple projects, comics and attending conventions at the same time. They love to explore delightful fae creatures, jaw dropping scenes in fantasy, and has a soft spot for drawing their D&D characters when they play with their friends.
Katie Gillon | She/Her | @SnotGreenGirl
Katie is a digital illustrator working in Dundee. She likes telling stories and will work on anything that lets her create a narrative. She likes big women and monsters and plans to draw them indefinitely.
Noelle Kroeger | He/Him & She/Her | @noellekroger
Noëlle's delightful work captures complex emotions using traditional media and expressive line making. Noëlle's portfolio is a triple threat, demonstrating confidence in the three pillars of illustration; landscapes, figures and animals.
Griffin Nichols | They/Them & He/Him | @BaronBoar
Griffin has a special talent for creating relateable and charismatic characters. Working in a blend of traditional and digital, his work reaps the benefits of both worlds. An illustrator and a writer, they are sensitive to the demands of text on a page's composition.
HAM | He/Him | @hamillustration
HAM is an illustrator, comic writer, print maker and piss taker. He makes work that has an emotional core under the guise of humour and absurdity. Through this medium he makes prints and zines that explore everything from Drag Detectives to the World's Loneliest Whale, tied together with cartoonish visuals.
Harry English | They/Them | @hazza.space
Also known as Hazza, Harry is a comic creator, illustrator, video-game lover, and part-time wizard. They love all things fantasy, have an affinity for anything cartoony, and likes to draw buckles on everything.