Dungeons on a Dime (DOAD) was founded in November of 2018 as an answer to many different needs in the tabletop roleplaying community. The magazine set out to:

  • Make Roleplaying More Accessible through easy to use resources, inclusively written characters and open ended stories.
  • Teach New Skills, such as how to run your first game, what content to prepare for a roleplaying game, and to highlight other learning moments.
  • Create Work For Entry Level Creatives by always paying for work, giving priority to emmerging illustrators and giving them the credit they deserve.

In the past, people were introduced to play roleplaying games through people they already know with experience. This 'apprenticeship' system allowed new players to learn the ropes with the comfort and support of their friends, make new acquantances, and in turn pass these skills on.

In recent years, there has been rapidly growing interest in Dungeons and Dragons from shows like Community, Stranger Things and Critical Role. Today, many people come to the hobby with no experience and no one to show them the way, or are returning with little time to spare to pour over rulebooks in their free time.

Dungeons on a Dime is here to spready the joy of roleplaying games, one adventure at a time. Written with a system neutral story but compatible with the free basic rules 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, each issue can support new and experience game masters alike.

Brian Tyrrell

With over 14 years of roleplaying experience under his belt, Brian is the founder of Dungeons on a Dime. He's also the writer, graphic designer, project manager, secretary, accountant, live-stage game master, stall holder and sometimes illustrator of the magazine too (it's a one-man-band sort of scenario).

Brian started DOAD because of his profound love for roleplaying. As a gay man with a full diagnosis of autism, Dungeons and Dragons was the tool that allowed him to develop his social skills, as well as his identity, in a safe space. Throughout his 10 years of being a game master he has never not had a new player at his table, and takes a special joy from introducing anyone and everyone to the hobby.

Brian has a first class honours degree in illustration, and in his spare time volunteers for the Edinburgh Zine Library and Super Power Agency in Leith. He has 6 years of retail experience (from shop floor to management) and often works with young people and adults alike. Included in his list of clients are the V&A Dundee, Kettle's Yard, Children in Scotland, LUSH Cosmetics and more.

Open Call for Illustrators

We're always excited to see new talent. If you'd like to illustrate for the magazine, or have other ideas on how you'd like to contribute, get in touch. You don't need any previous experience, a degree or to have completed 50 unpaid work placements.

Email us, dude

Dungeons on a Dime is looking for new Illustrators and Artists. To submit your portfolio, send the following to dungeonsonadime@gmail.com:

  1. Three pictures of existing work that you are a) proud of and b) would like to make more of.
    For example, if you like character design work, send us three of your favourite character sheets! Submitted work DOES NOT have to be from a professional context.
  2. A short sentence about the sort of artwork that inspires you, and the artwork that you would love to make.
  3. A short sentence about what you think of TTRPGS. Have you played one before? If so, which systems?
  4. Links to where I can find more of your work!
  5. Your name, preferred pronouns and current country of residence.

ONLY EMAILS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please don’t send it to my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages, cause the image compression there is mega yuck.

All illustrations will be produced in two tone risograph prints; for examples, please go through my social media and see pictures of the magazine. All forms of image making will be considered, but the house style is contemporary European stylised illustration. Your artwork will inspire a sense of adventure and wonder in our game masters and players, without compromising your creative voice.

Working for DOAD is a great opportunity to get paid work while also receiving constructive feedback. You’ll always be proudly credited for your illustrations! All artists will be featured on the website. I will reply to all submissions with a confirmation that I’ve received them.

I understand just how draining it can be to be writing constant applications. Please do not feel pressured to create new work for your submission, more the need to write an essay selling yourself. Send in whatever is easiest for you to share, and save your energy for your awesome craft.

If you aren’t an artist, you can still help me out! Share the open call and give the magazine a ‘lil boost on your social media!

Our Contributors

Fraser Robertson

Illustrator and barista by day, Rogue/Monk multiclass by night, Fraser is one of our recurring illustrators. With a year or so of roleplay experience he brings a fresh perspective to the hobby. His work is inspired by the character and world building that forms the backbone of his favourite fantasy and sci-fi works. Just breaking into the games industry, he’s one to watch.

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Maxence Deschamps

Max is an illustrator with a fascination of telling stories through backgrounds. He has has a great sense of balance when illustrating the ephemeral clutter of daily life, even if it is the life of extraordinary characters and creatures.

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Jessica Radley

A graduate from the world renowned Children's Book Illustration MA at the Cambridge School of Art, Jess has a diverse portfolio of illustrations both fantastical and observational. She has a talent for capturing emotion and spirit in her work. Now working in publishing, Jess is a multi-talented creative.

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HAM is an illustrator, comic writer, print maker and piss taker. He makes work that has an emotional core under the guise of humour and absurdity. Through this medium he makes prints and zines that explore everything from Drag Detectives to the World's Loneliest Whale, tied together with cartoonish visuals.

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Ida Jensen

Known for her striking mastery of shade and tone, Ida Jensen is a devil with the pencil. Her work predominantly features both the fairy tales and the monstrous creatures from her home country of Norway, and her traditional aesthetic is inspired by the original works of Tolkien and native Viking sagas.

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Jos Hawkins

Aka. Blackfeather- they are an Illustrator of rocks, trees, the occult and, sometimes, occult trees (but never occult rocks, I wont stand for that nonsense). I love telling dark fantasy stories and have played too many paladins for it to be healthy…

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Harry English

Also known as Hazza, Harry is a comic creator, illustrator, video-game lover, and part-time wizard. They love all things fantasy, have an affinity for anything cartoony, and likes to draw buckles on everything.

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