Adventures on a Dime is a system designed to help a group of people tell stories about daring adventurers facing dangers large and small. As with many RPGs, there are two roles in this game. One player is the Narrator, who coordinates play for the Adventures.

Perfect for new game masters and players alike, all you need to play is a set of polyhedral dice! Conflicts of any kind (such as arguments or combat) are resolved quickly, allowing the story to flow.

An Adventurer's potential is measured with three abilities: Cunning, Vigour and Willpower. Each ability is represented by a Die, which you roll when using that ability to solve problems and handle dangerous situations.

  • Cunning adventurers are intelligent and sly. They are aware of their surroundings, think quickly on their feet, and effortlessly recall information.
  • Vigorous adventurers can endure any adversity. They can easily run long distances, hold their own in a fight, and work diligently at any task.
  • Willful adventurers have the confidence to face any threat. They are passionate speakers, inspiring leaders, and fearless heroes no matter the odds.

Players are challenged to find creative solutions with their abilities to solve problems in the story presented by the narrator.

Adventures on a Dime is now on Roll20!

Free for Everyone

This fully functional sheet can be accessed with any account. Just look up Adventures on a Dime in the character sheet section.

Easy to Edit Tabs

Add in new Jobs, track your Carried Items and update your Ability Dice in real time as you play. Including a new addition - Features! Now you can add individual Skills, Traits and Flaws to your Adventurer.

Always Know What You're Rolling

Each of the three abilities can be rolled straight form your character sheet, and will tell you what the rules you and the Narrator need to know.