Welcome to the
Bristley Woods

Dig through the roots and loam on the forest floor with us in Beast Fables, a TTRPG live play inspired by classic stories animal tales such as the Redwall Chronicles and Watership Down. Join a host of talented illustrators as they explore the ancient Scottish highlands from the perspective of unlikely heroes.

The beasts of the Bristley Woods are still recovering from an unexpected and arduous war with the behemoth Boars from the east. Communities have been shattered, and a scorching summer is fading into a blustery autumn.

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Meet the Beasts


Played by Ver

A young and eager Toad, recently knighted to take the position of his mentor Lavigna. Hailing from Blueberry Pond, this is the first time he has ventured more than a day-by-paw from the banks of Loch Katrine. Loyal and 'friend shaped', Balthazar would sooner win your heart and mind, than fight you.


Played by Atlanta

Used to roaming the windy skies above the Bristley Woods, Pipistrelle the Bat is now ground-bound after injuring her wing in the Boar War. Far from her home and the her Moonmessenger chapter house, it'll be a long walk back to the metropolis of Odoak.


Played by Fraser

A brilliant inventor with a heart of gold and a memory of lead. Lutzen is a member of the Craftpaw guild because of his numerous eccentric inventions—if only he could remember how to rebuild them after they break.


Played by Ver

An illusive mercenary employed by the Tusk Legion, Grear's only true allegiance is to the Tanner's Guild. Her taboo skill set have often left her pushed to the edge of society. Yet, in the wake of the Boar War, she's found new alliances... and friendships.