What is

Dungeons on a Dime?

Founded in December of 2018, Dungeons on a Dime (or DOAD) is meant to help support many different needs in the tabletop roleplaying community. Every day, more people want to try roleplaying games, but have no one to show them the way. Even experienced players are intimidated in running their first game.

With DOAD by your side, you can say goodbye to those fears and hello to a whole new world of adventure.

DOAD's Goals
  • Make Roleplaying More Accessible through easy to use resources, inclusively written characters and open ended stories.
  • Teach New Skills, such as how to run your first game, what content to prepare for a roleplaying game, and to highlight other learning moments.
  • Create Work For Entry Level Creatives by always paying for work, giving priority to emmerging illustrators and giving them the credit they deserve.

What's in each Quest?

Within the pages of each book you will find a robust story accompanied by maps, paper game pieces and handouts to help you and your players get immersed in your game

  • Open-Ended Adventures that can be played as a stand-alone session or expanded with helpful prompts into a larger campaign.
  • Self Contained Stories that focus on roleplay, easily used with any system. You can start with any issue, whether it's your first game or your hundredth.
  • Detailed Characters with back stories to compliment your adventure. Meet them once and reuse them again and again.
  • Combat Encounter Maps that feature the locations from the adventure! Using inch square grids, they are compatible with most miniatures, tokens and other play aids.
  • Custom Paper Miniatures that are easy to assemble. Need a pack of wolves? Print as many as you need.
  • New Ways To Immerse Your Players such as describing the sights, sounds and smells of their environment, and tips on how to prepare versatile resources on your own.


I love this. I think in some ways, it is easier to just pile more and more complexity into an RPG product. I find it extremely refreshing to see stuff like this hitting the market: a solid story good for a session or two of play, heavy on the roleplaying, low on pretension and long on aesthetic and accessibility. More, please.

Stu Horvath / Unwinnable Magazine

The artwork in this volume is wonderfully charming, and sourced from independent artists. The characters are distinct and the styles range from sweet to sinister, helping evoke the dramatic possibilities for the story and indicate character. They really help breathe further life into the guide’s story, and elevate the guide itself from being a simple rule-book; it is now a concept art piece that can be revisited again and again.

Zoe Robertson / Young Perspective

Leave No Adventure Undiscovered!

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Gleaming with magic beneath the surface, Uncommon is perfect for any GM looking to add little spice to their game for the price of a bus ticket. In addition to benefits from previous tiers, you’ll receive:

  • A new 5th Edition D&D Class Archetype every month.

$5 - Rare

Enhanced with scinitlating runes, the Rare tier is perfect if you’re new to running role playing games. In addition to benefits from previous tiers, you’ll receive:

  • A new Combat Encounter map every month, with advice about tactics and a both GM and Player facing versions of each map.

$7 - Very Rare

Untold power manifest in the Very Rare tier, recorded on special pages prepared with alchemical inks. In addition to benefits from previous tiers, you’ll receive:

  • A new Isometric Location map every month, filled with plot hooks, exciting characters and world building prompts.

$10 - Legendary

Scant few have seen the likes of the Legendary tier. It is said that only the most powerful forces in the multiverse have to ability to wield such rewards; do you dare try? In addition to benefits from previous tiers, you’ll receive:

  • Priority questions for a monthly live Q&A episode of Working on a Dime.

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